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What’s new in Yo WhatsApp V9.70?

Last week, Yo WhatsApp received another major update with the release of Yo WhatsApp V9.70. With this update, Yo WhatsApp has made changes in some areas. This article summarizes the new features added in Yo WhatsApp V9.70 and will give a clearer idea to those who prefer Yo WhatsApp V9.70.

Changes introduced by Yo WhatsApp V9.70

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Text translation directly in the message box

In WhatsApp V9.45, users could not translate text directly in the message box, but had to first send the text to a contact before they could select it for translation. This step significantly reduced the user experience. Therefore, in the new WhatsApp V9.70, users have the option to translate text directly in the message box and send the text after it has been translated.

Add an attachment option

In Yo WhatsApp, users have the ability to add links, files, images, sounds, videos, locations or contact cards as attachments to their chat messages. This allows users to quickly communicate what they want to say. Yo WhatsApp V9.70 adds the option to select attachments like Hangouts, Hangouts V2, WAMOD, Dribbble and Dribbble V2, strengthening the connection between Yo WhatsApp V9.70 and other applications.

Disable direct translation

YoWhatsApp V9.70 provides users with more access. If users don’t want to translate the text directly, they can just use this Yo WhatsApp update.

Send messages to yourself

In previous versions, Yo WhatsApp did not allow users to send messages to themselves. However, this feature is very useful. This is because users can use the selfie box as a note to jot down important messages at any time. Therefore, the Yo WhatsApp development team took the suggestions of users and added this useful feature to the latest version of Yo WhatsApp.

Retweeting media with headlines

Today, titles are important for social media. If you want your media files (photos, videos, etc.) to catch your contacts’ attention quickly, you need to give them an interesting caption. Yo WhatsApp V9.70 allows users to do this, strengthening the connection between users who use social networks.

Post voice messages as status/recipe

Yo WhatsApp V9.45 only allows users to post a photo or video as a status/story. However, WhatsApp V9.70 gives users another option by allowing them to post a voice in a status or story.

Besides the new features mentioned above, Yo WhatsApp V9.70 also fixes some issues that existed in the previous version and optimizes the user experience. The details are not included in this article and remain a surprise. When you download Yo WhatsApp V9.70 and use it, you will be impressed by the improved user experience.

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