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GBWhatsApp – Latest Version Download

It’s an improved version of the official original software for Android. What makes it different is that it has advanced features and customization capabilities that are different from original software. In GBWhatsApp you can customize a lot of things like title, status bar, blue tag and so on. 

GB WhatsApp (official site: is a mod version of the original WA app, GBWhatsApp v9.71 adds many new features that original software does not have. Having these benefits in the app greatly improves original software’s user experience.If you want to learn more about the mod version of original software, you can visit home page to learn more

What is a GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is a MOD version of the official original software for Android which is developed by Fouad MODS (A third-party developer). In GBWhatsApp, there are a lot of customization options that are available that WhatsApp official Apk doesn’t have. GBWhatsApp has a little different interface compared to official original software which looks cool and makes it different.

Also, you can do some advanced tasks with it like checking your contacts profile update date, Locking conversations, Instantly clearing emojis, Manually searching files from a particular chat person, Installing & customizing Themes, Protecting your privacy with some smart privacy features, and more.

Simply, GBWhatsApp is an advanced version of the official original software Apk. And it’s unique, you can customize it according to your needs and desire. Assuming, What is GBWhatsApp is clear to you. Now, let me first provide you with the download link of GBWhatsApp, and then I will provide you with some more interesting information about it.

GBWhatsApp Information

App NameGBWhatsApp
Apk Size50.19MB
Root RequiredNo
Android Version5.0 and higher

How to Install GBWhatsApp On you Phone

Here are the easy steps to install the latest GBWhatsApp APK v9.71 on an Android phone:

1st Step: Open your browser and go to the download section to open the downloaded GBWhatsApp app. Or go to your file manager and then go under the download folder of your particular browser and click on GBWhatsApp you just downloaded.

Install GB WhatsApp on Android
Locate GB WhatsApp in the Download folder

2nd Step: Scroll down to the bottom by pressing next in the installer. If you want to read about it like permissions GB WhatsApp asks and stuff like that you can read in the installer as well.

Install GB WhatsApp on Android
GB WhatsApp Installer

3rd Step: Hit Install and wait for 2 minutes minimum. The installation time will probably depend on your Android phone performance. If you have the latest hardware and processor then GBWhatsApp may get installed in less than a minute. And if you have a low-end Android phone then it may take more than 2-3 minutes to completely install. So, while the installation is going on, be patient, and please don’t minimize it. Minimizing the GBWhatsApp installation may cause the installation to fail.

Install GB WhatsApp on Android
Install GB WhatsApp

4th Step: Once installation completes, just press done and exit the installer. Most of you get the error when you first-time launch GBWhatsApp because you all directly press the open button after installation is complete. This makes the Android resources go exhausted and the GB WhatsApp crash. So make sure you clear the useless background running applications and services like Android installer and file manager through you opened the GBWhatsApp.

Install GB WhatsApp on Android
GB WhatsApp Installed

5th Step: Installation complete.

So, that’s how you can install GB WhatsApp on your Android phone easily. There is no complexity if you follow the right installation process of GB WhatsApp. Also, sometimes, you might face the Play Protect blocking issue. In that case, simply turn off the app scanner at Play Store>Play Protect>Settings>Scan apps with Play Protect.

It is recommended that you temporarily disable the security features whenever installing apps downloaded from third-party sites. Also, you can keep GBWhatsApp along with original software on your phone. There should be no conflicts as their directory gets created separately and they also don’t share the same package name.

Features of GBWhatsApp APK

  • Anti-View Once: It is a newly added feature that when enabled from privacy settings, you can watch “view once” videos/images unlimited times without restrictions.
  • Hide Chat: You can hide and lock any chat instantly in the new GBWhatsApp. You just need to click on the GBWhatsApp icon from the main chat page>add a password, add the chat person you want to hide.
  • Message Scheduler: With this feature, you can schedule a message to any person that is under your WhatsApp contact list.
  • Auto Reply Message: Organize an Auto-reply message and set it to send to groups and Contacts.
  • Hide Online Status: Use this feature to hide your status of presence on WhatsApp. When it is active, no one on your contact will be able to know about your presence.
  • Blue Tick: You can hide the blue tick but see messages and don’t let the person know that you have seen the message.
  • Change App Font: This is just included in the GBWhatsApp and now you can change the font of any element on the latest GBWhatsApp.
  • Broadcast Message to Group: It helps to show your message to all the groups you were added to on original software.
  • Increase Video Size limit: Now you can send Videos up to size 700MB without any transfer speed reduction.
  • Disable Image Share Limit: You can now send or share up to 10 image files at once.
  • Send Image in Full Resolution: Disable original software image resizer and compression and send images in full resolution.
  • Clear WhatsApp logs: One-tap to clear logs feature is added which will also help to reduce the Cache size of GBWhatsApp.
  • Hide last seen: Hide your last seen status in the latest GBWhatsApp so no one can know when you last were online.
  • Hide Status Seen: It allows you to see the updated status without letting know the person that you have seen their status.
  • Advanced Anti-Ban: It is a newly added feature that protects users from getting temporarily banned for hours or days. And it has been improved in the Latest GBWhatsApp v9.71 and the developer has confirmed that it is working.
  • Aeroplane Mode: When you are busy or in a meeting, this feature will be really helpful. However, this allows to Enable and Disable original software messages & calls. When it is active, you will not receive any messages or calls on GBWhatsApp, you will need to disable it to get back to normal & start receiving messages.
  • Dark Theme: GBWhatsApp now has a user-friendly scheme color which we all wanted a long time ago, it’s the Dark Theme. This theme changes the white background to dark in the entire app which provides us with a very eye-friendly interface.
  • Separate Group section: In the new update, there is a separate group chatting section. Previously, it was available in the main chat section. But now, you will need to switch the tab for group chatting. This update will avoid confusion between individual accounts & group accounts.
  • One UI: From GBWhatsApp v8.40, a new UI design has been added that offers a new modern type interface. The one UI design is enabled for many features i.e IG Story, theme, Bottom bar style, and more. The design makes GBWhatsApp look cooler & modern than before.
  • Disappearing Messages: If this option is turned on for a chat, the messages will automatically disappear after 7 days. Media files or saved documents won’t be deleted from the phone.


GBWhatsApp Apk V9.71 adds a lot of new content and fixes bugs. In addition, you will now feel such a great performance boost when chatting and video calling with your friends and family using GBWhatsApp V9.71. Hiding chat, hiding last seen, sending large videos, and adding a ton of great features make this version special. Best of all, the GBWhatsApp Apk V9.71 doesn’t lag behind even on low-end phones. But it needs at least Android 5.0 or higher to work.

If you’re still wondering if GBWhatsApp is safe to use, let me tell you one thing, do it. Millions of people use it, including me, and so far we haven’t heard of any data breaches on GBWhatsApp. I recommend downloading and installing GBWhatsApp Apk V9.71 on your Android as I personally believe in this version.

In short, GBWhatsApp alone gives you a lot of features and customizations that original software doesn’t offer officially. This is why GBWhatsApp has seen a dramatic increase in the number of users compared to WhatsApp. Do you want to show up to the world and lose your privacy? If not, welcome to GBWhatsApp, whose most famous and useful feature is status privacy. Using it, you can hide yourself and your activities on WhatsApp.

Hope you enjoyed this GBWhatsApp Apk download article, if so, I would appreciate it if you would just spread it through your social accounts and let your friends know about the excellence of GBWhatsApp. Also, I would love to have your GBWhatsApp comments in the comments section below.

If you want to learn more about other Mod versions of original software, visit home page to learn more

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